Do you know someone who could use a Team of Angels to help them in their time of need? Maybe that “someone” is you?

Angel Pins can lift the spirits of anyone. They cheer us up and bring us joy. Share the joy and happiness by giving a Team of Angels Pin and Poem to those special people in your life.

Free E-Book

The e-book of my Angel Pin journey is now available for download! To learn the full story, please click The Pass It On Angel Pin Lady (832k pdf)
A Team of Angels? Where did the thought even come from? I began the Send a Team of Angels to Help Movement quite by accident in 1998. Or perhaps, it was by divine providence that I began giving the pins to shut-ins, lonely people in nursing homes, the homeless that I met on the streets of Philadelphia and over 100,000 other folks who were overwhelmed like I was. People who faced turmoil and anxieties seemed to find me to request a Team of Angels pin, and I seemed to find them. I hope you enjoy the story of how it all began… and how it took my life in directions that I could never have imagined.

About the Founder

Patricia Gallagher is the creator of the Team of Angel pin and and the author of the poems that accompany them. Her story has been featured in many local publications as well as national exposure – twice in Family Circle, Woman’s World magazine, Gannett Wire Service, and the military newspaper, Stars and Stripes. She was also featured on a segment on CBS This Morning with Debbye Turner and Jane Clayson.

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